How to be agile through Business Process Management



Business processes are sensitive to changing technology.  They require quite some flexibility these days.

Your enterprise surely has a lot of tools and processes… are you on top of them all?  Do you know where to look when issues arise?  And when those occur, can you take action by informed decision

During this seminar, we’ll show you

… an agile BPM approach
… how to start with BPM
… how to make business processes transparent and flexible
… how to harmonize processes and tools into one collaborative platform

without the need for extensive content management.  All departments in your enterprise will be on the same page and take part in your success!



Agile Business Process Management:

  • Business maturity, more with less
  • Business process modeling, faster response
  • Collaboration, ease of use
  • Managing culture, monitoring and capabilities
  • Agile learning curve, built for change

Process Cloud: Business friendly process automation

  • Business driven rapid process design and automation
  • Intuitive and collaborative task management
  • Multi-channel responsive interfaces across web, phone and tablet
  • Powerful interactive dashboards


09h00 – 9h30:  Registration & Breakfast
09h30 – 12h30:  Seminar, including break
12h30 – 14h00:  Networking with our specialists during lunch


NH Hotel
De Kleetlaan 14
1831 Diegem
Free parking and next to Diegem train station

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