Quick wins in the Oracle cloud



Everybody is constantly talking about ‘the Oracle cloud’. But nobody seems to have any practical experience with it.  Do you want to see how you can do something with it?

To share our experiences on Oracle Cloud with you, we are co-hosting a free event ‘Quick wins in the Oracle Cloud’ on the 9th of May 2017 with our Oracle infrastructure partner Exitas NV.

Oracle offers a very broad range of cloud services. Discover what selected PaaS and IaaS services can mean for your environment. Our speakers will present you real-life cases in short sessions.



Here’s what you can expect:

  • Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Oracle on Infrastructure as a Service
  • Database Cloud Service
  • Application uplift into the cloud
  • Continuous Application Deployment in the Cloud
  • Application builder for business users
  • Cloud-To-Cloud Integration
  • PaaS4SaaS
  • The Enterprise “Dropbox“
  • Running non Oracle applications in the cloud

 If you are interested to register, please click here.